Are you a leader or follower?

Charney & Associates Inc. are management consultants who work with organizations that strive to be the most admired leaders in their field.

We help our clients improve their performance by providing simple, powerful and effective tools that result in measurable benefit for all stakeholders.

Our clients continuously improving their operations. They know that the most underutilized resource that they have are their employees. They see knowledge as an asset and readily invest in the development of their human resources.

Together with our affiliate organization, The Leadership Institute, we offer a a number of talent development strategies. We create mentoring programs, train managers to coach, set up peer learning circles, conduct leadership retreats and conduct customized world-class in-house training.

We are especially proud of our Peer Mentoring™ (see link below) learning system which enables self-directed learners to take responsibility for the design, learning and implementation of their own training plans.

For more information, click the links below for a brief presentation by Cy Charney:

Cy's Management Philosophies

World's most effective corporate learning system – Peer Mentoring