Client Referral List

Charney and Associates Inc. has successfully introduced Peer Mentoring learning teams to the following organizations:

Canada and U.S.A.


  • Government of Kenya. Simon Angote, Deputy Director, Office of the Prime Minister. 
  • South Africa

    • Clariant Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd., Carl Haupt, Human Resources/ISO, Phone 27 11 471-7238, Fax 27 11 475-4079 
    • Foot, Cone and Bending, Moira Hughes. Phone 082 6039254 or
    • Nestle. Judah Duiker Phone 082 8010821 or
    • Spoornet Elija Racheku Senior Administration Officer Phone (01) 308 1845
    • Times Media Publishing. Vinod Moodley. E-mail  or phone 082 9413770
    • Truworths. Fred du Plessis, General Manager Phone 082 4569356

    Client Testimonials:

    Letter from a participant of a team in the City of Toronto:

    Hello everyone: I'm so sorry that I missed our luncheon get-together. I was sick and I just came back to work this week. I'm sure everyone had a great time. Thelma A. was so nice to come down to my office today and deliver the certificate. It's beautiful and proud to show it to everyone.

    I really enjoyed coming to our monthly meeting. I learned a lot and everyone did a wonderful job with their presentations. The Peer Mentoring Program really worked because we all did a great job. I think our group worked well together because we were supportive of each other. We worked hard but had fun. We were strangers in the beginning, but at the end, we became a team.

    I'll like to thank Cy and Sue for the certificate and their support.

    Take care everyone! Have a nice day!

    Irene Tosio

    Report from a Manager at the Insurance Company of BC:

    Our peer mentoring group has been meeting for about a year now, nobody has dropped out and the level of commitment and enthusiasm still remains high. In fact the group wants to continue to meet and learn from each other once our original commitment is completed. Two of our team members have successfully applied for management positions, a further testament to the team's success. Cy, thanks for pointing us in the right direction.

    - Kevin Savage, Manager, IS Training and Business Development, Insurance Company of British Columbia

    Letter from VP Sales and Business Development:

    I would like to emphasize the value and the benefit of the "Peer Mentoring Learning System" and the contribution the Program has made to Maksteel's growth.

    Our cross-functional Team has taken the new skills which we have learned to group workshops both internally and at our Customers.

    It is my belief that had we not embraced the concept we would not be enjoying the accomplishments we have achieved this past year. For this you have our collective THANKS!

    Best Regards,

    Bob Hunter

    Vice President Sales and Business Development

    Maksteel, Mississauga, ON